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What to Expect from Getting DEXA Scans

DEXA dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans are noninvasive diagnostic procedures involving your bones, which are recommended by doctors. This test aids in bone mineral density measurements. When you get this test, you will know how your bones are doing and if their condition is suitable to your age. If you belong to the young adult age category, you are expected to have health and strong bones. Even so, there are certain factors associated with their lifestyle that make their bones age faster than other adults. This scenario is just one example as to why bone scans can help save lives of those who are at risk of suffering from serious bone loss and other health issues. A range of bone measurement tests are available, yet DEXA scans are the standard test for bone density measurement.

The costs for DEXA scans vary from one location to another and the type of facility that will be doing the test. When your doctor finds it necessary that you get tested using these scans, you can do a few things to help you save some money. For example, you can inform your insurance company that you will get these DEXA scans so they can cover for the expenses. The procedure is never a cheap process. With this fact, you have to seek medical advice from your doctor first and do as much research as you can about the things you can expect from the procedure.

A DEXA scan is a painless and fast procedure that involves the use of X-ray imaging. For a scan of a part or parts of your body, make sure to lay on your back on an X-ray table. This procedure will not require special preparations. You may remain in full clothes, depending on the area of your body that needs scanning. However, if you have clothes with metal fasteners like buckles, hooks, and zips, you have to remove them. For some hospitals, patients must wear a gown for these procedures.

For many people, they are not quite sure how DEXA scan procedures happen. For this type of procedure, there is no need for you to go inside a tunnel or receive some injections. To start the procedure, you just need to lie flat on your back on the open X-ray table. Make sure to keep very still when scans are carried out to avoid blurring the images. For DEXA scans, the X-ray specialists or radiographers get to do them.

During these DEXA scans, a big scanning arm will pass over your body to measure the density of your bones. A low-dose X-ray narrow beam will pass through your body part that will be examined when the scanning arm moves through your body. Usually, this method takes place on the lower spine or hip parts of your body. These are the parts of your body with weak bones. Nonetheless, because there are varying bone densities in your body, more than one part of it will be checked.

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