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September 10, 2019

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Factors Contributing to Forgetfulness.
Forgetfulness is quite common and also annoying as it may cause friction between people due to disappointments. Contrary to memory loss which comes at a later age, forgetfulness is very common for people in their thirties. Below are some of the reasons why forgetfulness is common in people in their thirties.
High levels of stress are the main contributor of forgetfulness among people in their thirties. During this age period, the young individuals have a lot of things they need to handle and it can be very stressing for them. Individuals in their thirties need to focus on their careers, buy a house for their future families, marry or get married, get kids and also maintain the relationships with friends and this can be very stressful. You may find yourself forgetting this more often at this age due to the stress and for this reason go for workouts, yoga meditation sessions and spend time with friends as these practices help you meditate.
Another cause of forgetfulness in among people in their thirties is high levels of anxiety. It is difficult for you to think when you are suffering from anxiety as it tends to highjack your brain. It also affects your short term memory centers and you can clearly remember previous events from a few days ago. It is advisable to have anxiety treated as this will see you live a normal life by improving your thinking, decision making and judgement.
Depriving your body of sleep can also see you experience forgetfulness. Every night you should have a minimum of eight hours of sleep below which you don’t rest your mind fully and this leads to forgetfulness. You can, however, improve your ability to remember by getting enough sleep as it rejuvenates your short term memory centers.
Forgetfulness can also come as a result of prescribed medication. Some of the medications which can affect your brains ability to remember include Paroxetine, Oxybutynin, Amitriptyline, and Cimetidine. Other medications which can affect your memory during your thirties include cold and allergy medications which contain components of chlorpheniramine, brompheniramine or diphenhydramine. Avoiding these drugs will see you protect yourself from future incidences of forgetfulness and memory loss in your thirties.
Memory loss and forgetfulness are also a characteristic of an individual who consumes a lot of alcohol. You cause a lot of damage to your long and short term memory centers if you have a habit of drinking too much in a short period of time and it is a high time you avoid doing this.
Lastly, in your thirties forgetfulness will hit you hard one you get kids. This happens as the kids need a lot of attention and affection and many things tend to be forgotten when you give all your attention to them.