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What to Expect from Portable Solar Generators

The use of portable solar generators is becoming very common these days. The most common uses for thee generators include going on a camping trip, power outages, or any situation that will render your regular source of electricity unavailable. The energy that comes from the rays of the sun are what these units will collect each day. What happens after is the conversion of this energy into electrical current that is stored in 12-volt batteries for future use. This power collected from the sun may be used to run small appliances like your refrigerator, fan, and laptop. These solar generators are also capable of recharging batteries on any battery-operated device that you have like your flashlight or cellphone. These generators are very helpful when you are in situations that keep you away from an electrical outlet or during emergency situations.

Unlike gas generators, solar generators offer you more safety, convenience, and accessibility. When it comes to using gas generators, you will learn that they are very noisy. Moreover, you need to keep a steady supply of gas at home. When there is gas on standby in your house, it can be dangerous from fumes or fire. The sun supplies energy freely to solar generators, not causing you to depend on any fuel source. To charge the battery of your portable solar generator, you only need to put it outside of your house or near your window. Through these generators, when power runs out at home, you can rely on these generators to give you a quiet and clean source of energy. As mentioned, you use generators both solar or gas when you are out of regular power or away from regular power sources. If you have gas generators and you need to get gas from your nearby gas station to power your device, you might not get anything because these stations also need electricity to pump gas. If you don’t have any electricity, you will not have any gas. Having the capacity to produce energy efficiently using your generator is a huge advantage during emergency situations.

Getting a portable solar generator is perfect for people who are always on the go, from being on their RV or boat and going on camping trips. These devices are very lightweight, allowing you to transport them from your home to wherever you are going. The purpose you have for your generator will determine the perfect size for it. If you only need to use a portable solar generator to charge your phone or laptop on the road, get a device with 15-30 watts of power. On the other hand, to power many devices at home during prolonged power outages, you may go with solar generators with at least 1500 watts of power capacity.

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