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September 10, 2019


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Factors for High Rate of Divorce

It is like divorce is just normal for people nowadays. It might be nice to hear and it should be celebrated when you here that couples have already committed their selves in their vows for each other. Since it is sadly happening and it is the reality. So, since the divorce rates are really rising today. How many people are cutting their vows and not making their promises of being only parted by death? The percent is getting higher as people keeps on being remarried again and again. It seems like the generation right now is not the only one that has some commitment problems.

Is it because of the global warming? We need to spend time with our partners so that you can get to know each other more.

Indeed babies are a blessing in disguise, although it is very hard to take care of them but they are a ball of sunshine which gives light in your everyday. Also next is that it might seem funny but the choices have increase due to the increase of the population so there will be more than one for one male. Also nowadays, the independence of women is easily seen. The divorce rate is quickly getting high, wherever you look at the world it is rampant and you can almost see it everywhere you can be. Telling each other that death can be the only one that can keep you apart. It can be because of the advancement of all things that people are also forced to advance themselves when it comes to a lot of things. A lot of factors exist when it comes to the high rate of divorce and it is obvious that due to the modern times that we have, there is also an increase of these divorce cases.

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