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September 10, 2019

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Unique 2019 Branding Ideas to Make you Stand out of the Crowd

Business branding plays a very critical role at a time and age when there is very stiff competition in the business environment. Effective branding simply means the ability to connect the visual, emotional and mental level with your target audience. It therefore takes a lot of creativity to come up with a creative brand that will give your business the much-needed competitive edge. The good news is branding is not limited to specific mediums or for specific cases. This calls for a high level of creativity and experimenting to come up with very unique branding styles and ideas that will appeal to your target audience. Let’s get started on how you can get creative and experiment with unique branding ideas to push you to the front and give your competitors are run for their money.

The best branding idea starts from knowing your business archetype. In other words, do you have a unique story that you can use to tell a clear message of what your brand is all about? This way, your target audience can identify with the universal images and patterns that form part of their collective unconscious. The second step to building a good brand is to utilize brand influencers to help reach the widest target market you could ever imagine. A good brand influencer is someone with a huge following on social media especially one that is within your niche. Rest assured social media platforms have the greatest impact when it comes to brand visibility and exposure.

It goes without saying you must take advantage of the internet to identify this brand influencer that you will work with to build your brand. Go through their website and their social profile to have a feel of the amount of exposure your brand is likely to have, Of course, you might want to go through the list of their social followers to determine whether or not that is what you are targeting. Away from the internet, how about your design a unique business card and pass it around to the people you come in contact with? This is where you think outside the box, really, such as attaching custom zipper pulls with your logo to your laser cut business cards. No doubt this is a very practical an informative solution that brands you perfectly and uniquely. Your logo is at the center of your brand meaning it must be impressive, eye-catching and with a memorable design.