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Did it ever reach you the terms medallions and sobriety chips? If ever you didn’t then you have come to the right place. There is really an interesting story behind the use of the AA coin and sobriety chips. There are groups who are actually making it a tradition to hand over coins to their fellow mates as a sign of celebration of the progress made by the member. It is actually a celebration of being in the process of recovering from alcoholism. It makes people aware of the fact that we can live life without the presence of alcohol and that it is possible for us to stay sober all the time. All of this things was established because of the goal to stop or avoid drinking and many people of the past loves to hang out with friends and play poker in the club. The chips there signify the desire to stop drinking and there are other colored chips as well that represents the different levels of sobriety. Another thing is that it also signifies the time it takes that the person is free of alcohols and in the process works as a reward system for that. The sobriety coin or AA coin is a token that is given to the people that is member of the group and have a cause with helping people in alcoholism concerns. It is a recovery gift that is given to the members and in the form of sobriety chip, a medallion or AA coin.

You can still hear that the tradition is still being practiced by the few. For that reason shops for tokens and sorts have been making great variations of the sobriety chips for those who purchase it from them. You can immediately identify the sobriety coin because it look like a small, rounded with some triangular form at the center. The one in the collection at the shop have different available colors in it that has meaning for each of them. The good thing about the shop is it makes all your shopping experience for AA coins as easy as possible. They also have offers of exclusive deals and discounts for all their sobriety coins and items which makes it more easily available and affordable for the buyers. They items are of good quality so it is not really going to fail the expectations and needs of the buyer as it is true. You can be provided with options by the shop so that you truly get the one that you like as they have different sizes, forms and colors of the coins. They are highly renowned to offer good quality products and services.

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