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August 6, 2019

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Friendly Guide on How To Ideally Clean Your Military Coins Collection

As someone who collects military coins, you know for a fact that cleaning and maintaining them is a challenge in itself. While you’ve tried several ways to do it, you’re reading this article because you feel like you’re not efficient at it. The thing is you never can use the same method in cleaning the usual coins when handling military coins because you could end up damaging them beyond repair.

As experts in cleaning and maintaining military coins, you’re fortunate to stumble upon this post because we’re about to hand out the best tips you can find online.


There’s no argument to the notion that washing remains as the most effective and practical method of cleaning your military coins. However, you do must realize that you may be doing it the wrong way. Before you begin washing them, it is best that you understand if there is in fact a need to wash them. When you see that there is a noticeable buildup of dirt, you need to hold the coin under running water for 30 seconds on each side. Be sure you have a dry towel within reach to pat it right away. What you need to avoid is rubbing the coin because the same dirt will most likely scratch the surface and cause damage.

Running Water Isn’t Enough

Keep in mind that washing your military coins with running water is just the first step in a tedious but rewarding process. For example, if you observe that there is a stubborn dirt in the coin, then you’re forced to take on another approach to get rid of it. In this case, you need a soap solution or distilled water to carry on. Distilled water is an effective tool for removing the gunk, but at the same time it does not affect the quality or color of the coin. You must soak the coin in the distilled water for a day to facilitate in removing the dirt. Soap solution is your next best thing if distilled water doesn’t do the trick.

Olive Oil

You may not be aware of it, but olive oil is a very effective material for cleaning antique coins and delicate metals. It is effective because it efficiently loosens accumulated dirt without causing damage to the coin surface. While cleaning your military coins with olive oil is a painstaking and slow process, the results are incomparable – it can remove the most persistent of dirt and gunk.

So, if you are looking for the most effective yet cheap method of cleaning your military coins, look no further than the use of running water, distilled water, soap solution, and olive oil.

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