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Top 9 Things to Do When Stressed and Anxious

77% of people regularly experience the physical symptoms associated with stress. Stress has been reported by 48% of American to cause negative impacts in their lives. It is important you know how to curb these feelings be it stress from work, relationship or money. Otherwise, things will just be worse. Read on to know what to do when anxious or stressed.

Go to the gym. Nobody wants to exercise when they feel stressed and overwhelmed. However, exercise is recommended for your physical and mental health. A stress hormone known as cortisol found in the brain is lowered by working out. The body relaxes meaning you can sleep better after working out. This reduces the stress of the next day. Choose activities that you enjoy such as Zumba and yoga.

Taking a healthy meal is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Most people go for ice cream and chips when stressed. Though such meals offer immediate gratification, they put more stress on the body. You should focus on healthy meals such as lean meat, healthy fats, vegetable and fruits. This food boost the production of serotonin by the brain that helps in regulating stress. You tend to feel happier when you spend time with your loved one. The best medicine is laughter. You have a great support system in your family or friends. You get a sense of belonging and self-worth which helps you feel better.
Constantly thinking about the negative aspects of life only increase stress and anxiety. To reduce anxiety and stress, focus on the positives and happy memories. It helps boost your mood. You can choose to do journaling or volunteering to reduce stress.

Sleep repair and recharges the body. Inadequate sleep take a toll on the body. Use melatonin supplements to sleep for some extra hours on days you are stressed.

CBD has been found to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety. It comes in form of oils, edibles and vape pens. Confirm that marijuana is legal where you vive before using these substances.
Meditation is the best option if you have a lot on your plate. It teaches you breathing techniques that help you relax. You can do the techniques practically from anywhere whether at home, work and even at the grocery store.
Aromatherapy uses a diffuser that has essential oils or by burning candles to promote wellbeing. For a relaxing bath, you can use bath salts or bath bombs. Lavender, sandalwood and frankincense are the most used soothing oils. You can reduce stress more by combining aromatherapy with meditation.
Learning how to say no greatly reduces anxiety and stress. Having a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders will definitely leave you overwhelmed. Create time to distress after a long day. Also, you need to know how to ask for help.