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September 10, 2019


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The Kinds of Low Carb Meals Prepared for Family

Carbs are molecules that contain hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms. The body uses carbs to produce energy. Excess carbs in the body are usually stored as fats. This is one of the reason why people gain weight. carbs portion in meals are being reduced by individual to avoid adding weight. Another way to reduce carb intake is to eat low carbs meals. This will ensure a health living. The low carb meals will help individuals to lose weight and stay healthy. A great impact on the body, will result from eliminating carbs from a diet. Having a low carb meal is better than no carb at all. There are various low carb meals available to be prepared. Read for more information here.

Low carb meals include vegetables and eggs fried in coconut. It is a good breakfast meal that can be enjoyed by the family daily. An individual will not need to eat for a few hours after having this for breakfast, because it has protein and vegetables. To prepare this meal an individual will need coconut oil, mixed vegetables, eggs and spices. The first thing to do to cook the meal is to preheat the frying pan and add in the coconut oil. Add the selected vegetable mix and let it soften for a few minutes in the heat. Later add the beaten eggs, a quantity that depends on the number of family. While the egg is cooking, the spices should be added and food stirred till it is ready. the meal is quick and simple to prepare in the morning as breakfast.

Vegetables and pesto chicken is a low carb meal. The low carb meal can be for lunch or dinner for the family. Few minutes are taken to prepare this meal. The ingredients for this include sun dried tomatoes, chicken thighs, olive oil, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and asparagus. To cook the chicken thighs the sun dried tomatoes is used. Cook the asparagus with some of the sun dried tomatoes. Later add in the chicken with the asparagus and the pesto. the cherry tomatoes is later mixed with the rest of the cooked ingredients.

A bacon and egg breakfast is also a good low carb meal. A low carb that is a processed meat is the bacon. A weekly intake of bacon is encouraged especially for individuals in the process of losing weight. An individual will require bacon, egg and some spices that the individual likes. The first step of preparing this meal is frying the bacon on a frying pan. the bacon should be removed from the frying pan once it is well cooked. Use the bacon fat to fry the eggs. the next step is to add the desired spices in the eggs while its cooking. Serve the bacon and egg for the family to enjoy.