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September 10, 2019

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How To Get Rid Of Termite Infestation In Your Home

Every year, termites cause damages worth billions of dollars. Wood is their primary source of food. They can damage papers, filtration systems, walls, papers and books. Also, they result in a lot of damage to shrubs and trees. Termites can result in infestation of a building. It is important to have homes inspected during the buying and selling process. Termites can have a negative impact on the value of a home. Below are certain things you can do to get rid of termite infestation and ensure they never occur again.

Use of permethrin dust and arsenic dust. These chemicals are effective in washing off termite. When a termite gets in contact with the dust, the whole colony becomes prey. Permethrin dust works instantly. Arsenic dust works on each termite. Use gloves and a mask when using arsenic dust because it is a natural poison.

Flooding is another way of getting rid of termites. You can flood a garden area that is termite infested to drown the termites.

Sunlight is an effective disinfectant. Plenty of sunlight can destroy termites. Termites thrive in surfaces that are dark and dump. Make sure that your home gets plenty of sunlight and your windows stay open during the day. It is hard for termites to thrive in a constantly lit up home.

Orange oil does not dissolve in water. You can get the oil from orange peels. Orange oil can cause irritation to your eyes and skin. You need to be careful when handling it. Pour the oil into hollow spaces in wood that is termite infested. Expect to see great results in one to two weeks.
Boric acid work by stopping the nervous system of termites. You need to spray the wood where termites’ feed. When using the disinfectant, you need to use a mask and gloves. It is toxic when inhaled and corrodes the skin when in contact.
Nematodes thrive and breed on termites. Use them in spray form to kill termites in 48 hours. Nematodes are not harmful to pets, humans or plants. They concentrate on destroying insects. It is advisable to use nematodes immediately after buying. Alternatively, you can store it in the refrigerator for preservation.

Bug bombs are in form of pressurized aerosols with liquid insecticides. Termites die immediately after getting in contact with the substance.

Wet cardboard traps are used where termites are found. Termites feed on cellulose found in stiff wood. Cardboard contains high percentage of cellulose. Wet cardboard attracts termites, you can burn them once on the cardboard. For good results, you need to repeat the process.

The best way to get rid of termites is to call exterminators. A full spread out infestation cannot be handled alone. It is vital you call professionals to prevent the damage from advancing.