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September 10, 2019


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How Churches Have Transformed Today

Since time immemorial, we’ve known churches to be unique places where Christian believers met to fellowship with modesty. Dura-Europos was the first church, established in Syria several years ago. It was initially a private home before it turned into a church. This church was formed out of a private home. Based on history, the church has changed a lot these days. Read on to learn some of the most significant changes in the church today.

The congregation as changed from the ancient churches. Churches used to attract large masses a few years ago. Today, the crowds are becoming significantly smaller. The fact that church services are becoming more personalized affairs makes it difficult to maintain large masses. There is also also a change in the reason people go to church, making the population of the congregation to shrink. Before, the church used to be a place that people felt had to attend but today, people attend out of choice.

Remember that modern churches have shifted focus on the community. Churches tend to pay much attention to support groups. Fundraising and other financial activities have become common these days. The amount of resources spent by churches has also reduced. Although the modern church is more welcoming, they are not as extravagant as the ancient churches.

Churches no longer compete as before. Historically, churches used to compete to have the biggest congregation; thus more financial support. Today, churches can focus on bringing in the congregation who wants to be there but not trying to bring everyone and trying to squeeze money from them. The other change is that modern church leaders are always learning. Once they qualified in the past, that was enough. Today, they tend to build on their knowledge, giving them a chance to focus on themselves.

There is also a change in the way lessons are taught in the church. Those who went to church before were known to be conversant of the teachings. Modern churches, however, are a place to explore, learn and understand. You must be familiar with the fact that churches today offer support services on various issues such as marriage. With the new advancements in technology, churches are also not left behind. The community has a platform to learn through the church considering that many churches have embraced the culture of inviting guest speakers. Besides, the use of technology has made it easier for churches to reach a wider audience. You can enjoy the convenience of catching up with the programs of a church if they have a website.