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September 10, 2019

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Predisposing Factors That Make Successful People To Be At Risk Of Mental Illness

These days those people that are struggling with mental illness is high. There is a belief that those people that are predisposed to mental illness are the people are failures. Depression is prevalent to all people including the successful people. Studies have shown that people that have achieved great things in life are more likely to get depressed more than the common man. Famous people like celebrities are known to battle depression too. Their lifestyle makes them predisposed to stress more than other people. The number of celebrities that are suffering from anxiety and stress are more these days.

There are many factors that predispose celebrities to mental illness. Successful people have a lot of pressure to keep up with. People expect them to e perfect and do everything right which can be very overwhelming. This pressure amounts to too much tension and stress that causes depression. The other reason why successful are likely to battle mental illness is that the judgment they face from people. The public is always tracking their lives pointing out what they are not. It is very disappointing to see people always criticizing you everywhere in social media, television and even in magazines. This kind of humiliation makes them strive to be perfect which is difficult for a human being. This criticism make celebrities to suffer from low self-confidence which can in return cause depression.

The third factor that can expose a celebrity to stress is turning to drug abuse. There are many factors that predispose celebrities to drug abuse. It can be because they have the money and the privilege of partying all the time. This is more common to celebrities in acting and music industry. This lavishing life makes them at a higher chance of misusing drugs. Another reason why celebrities are exposed to drugs is the stress from the public may lead them to take drugs to avoid the stress. Thus, wallowing in drugs don’t solve the problem but creates a bigger one. The best thing to do to remedy is attending a recovery center that will help them with the depression and the drugs. The other treatment option for people that are battling drug abuse is ayahuasca depression treatment.

Creative people are exposed to stress. Creativity is among the things that have helped people to climb up the ladder of success. In most cases these people lead a solitude life. As they are thinking they tend to critic themselves which brings fourth feelings of inadequacy. Therefore over thinkers are likely to be predisposed to too much stress which is dangerous. Hence, those people that are at risk of getting depressed are the celebrities. Leading this kind of lifestyle is hard and not easy to cope up with, one can end up developing mental illness.