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September 10, 2019

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Benefits of Wildlife

Wildlife refers to the undomesticated animals that live in a given area without being directed by human beings though some people have currently domesticated some. Wildlife includes among many others the lion, buffaloes, rhino, and cheetahs. It is such a disadvantage to pose any harm to wildlife since it is very beneficial in human beings lives. We should all come together in the protection of wild animals since they pose a great value to us.

Wildlife is one of the many reasons as to why tourists move to a given state to have a view of wild animals. Some wild animals are only concentrated in certain states and cannot be found elsewhere, and it is for this reason that people will move from their states to others or even move within their state to have a view of these wild animals. That therefore means that wild animals offer beautiful scenery to convince human beings to have a view of them and this is why people will move from distant places just to see wildlife.

Wildlife brings income to the state. Tourism in the wildlife sector is a great advantage to the state since they get some revenue out of it. Most states have thus made game parks and wildlife reserves where they control wild animals so that they can have the access of number of tourists who come to view them and can, therefore, get some, income in return.

Some societies rely on wildlife for food. It is such a disadvantage that those people who eat the meat of wild animals end up endangering the various species and therefore this should not be encouraged. Frogs, zebras, and sharks are a few examples of wild animals that are hunted for food by various communities.

Certain wild animals are important in some communities since they have a religious benefit whereby they are used in performing various rituals as well as in offering sacrifices.

Most societies have embraced wildlife such as tortoise and parrots, whereby they keep them as pets. Those who don’t keep wildlife as pets are usually seen to embrace sadness by those who keep them.

In some communities, wild animals are said to have medicinal purposes. Most of the medicine extracted from wild animals are a result of beliefs from a particular culture and not appreciated by the whole world.

Through wildlife, people from different part of the world come together with a common point. There are forums that purposes to cater to wildlife that brings people together to work on achieving this goal. Wildlife programs manage to bring people from all over the world together towards achieving the goal of taking care of wild animals.