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September 10, 2019

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Dementia: What Is It and Why Is It Common among Women

Dementia is defined as the loss of the cognitive of a person either due to certain disease that caused memory loss or a global brain injury. Dementia can actually be cured in care facilities, like Seasons Memory Care, however as the disease develop the symptoms becomes untreatable. The truth is that amongst women, dementia is now the 3rd leading cause of death as well as it is the 6th leading cause of death amongst all people. Dementia is a big concern among the elderly and preventing this disease is going to be more essential to our society since the elderly population is set to go under a major expansion in the future.

Among the elderly population aged 90 and over, there seems to a strong connection between poor physical performance and occasions of dementia. This is mostly because of the fact that advanced dementia will impact certain parts of the brain that affect both coordination and movement. The older an individual gets, then the higher the danger of dementia becomes. This study might not be a surprise many people, but the segment of population that has arrived in this advanced age is actually not yet studied that much.

Women usually live longer than men, and studies shows that women have a higher chance of getting dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease than men. Caretakers who work in nursing homes, such as Seasons Memory Care, usually have more women patients with dementia compared to men. In addition, women also have different memory characteristics compared to men. Women can primarily more easily verbal items such as words. So, women who are in the early stages of dementia may still have stronger verbal memory. Despite of having dementia, some doctors won’t know it because the first test is verbal memory. Thus, there could be a lot of women who goes undiagnosed. In addition, men and women experience dementia in a different manner. Though both lose their memories, judgement, and have a hard time communicating, the disease seems to progress quicker in women. These difference can be observed in assisted-living homes like in Seasons Memory Care. Also, women develop memory impairment quicker than most men.

The effect of this are very obvious. Constant exercise can a big help in order to help prevent dementia. Many assisted-living homes, such as Seasons Memory Care, encourage aerobic exercise which helps activate the brain cells to keep them functioning. Many nursing facilities, such as Seasons Memory Care, believe that regular exercise is good for the brain and body of the patient with dementia.

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