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September 10, 2019


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Understanding How the AC System works

According to a research done of late it shows that the air conditioning system is the most commonly used system in the world with over one billion people using it. From the one billion ninety percent are found in the united states of America. The primary purpose that makes homeowner install the air conditioning system is to regulate the temperatures of the room especially during the hot season. The ac system gets rid of the hot air in the room, leaving behind cold air that cools the room. In simple terms, the ac system regulates the temperature by getting rid of the hot air and leaving the cold air behind which cools the room. To get more about how the system works you need to read the article as it elaborates more or gets the information from the ac repair company.

The air conditioning system is made up of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit as per the ac repair company, and whereby the condenser coil, compressor, and the fan are found in the outdoor unit. The indoor unit comprises of the expansion valve and the evaporator. To get how the system works it is vital that you understand the components of the system. The refrigerant liquid flows through the evaporator which is a long coiled metal. The refrigerant liquid is used to absorb the heat from the warm air in the room leaving behind a cold breeze that cools the room. The common refrigerants liquid used by the ac repair company is the Freon.

Other components are the compressor and the condenser, the compressor which is used to pump the refrigerant liquid. Using the intense pressure the compressor compresses the refrigerant which appears in low pressure gaseous into the hot gas that will then flow to the condenser. in the condenser the hot gaseous refrigerant fluid will be converted back to the liquid state. We find the condenser in the outdoor unit due to this reason. The work of expansion valve found between the evaporator coil and the expansion valve is to regulate the refrigerant fluid that gets into the evaporator also the valve is repaired by the ac repair company.

When the ac system is switched on, and the temperatures are set the system will detect the temperature imbalance in the room. To change the condition the system will suck the warm air and let it flow to the pipes which hold the refrigerant the heat from the room will be absorbed by the refrigerant liquid because it is hot. When the refrigerant liquid moves to the compressor the gas is compressed raising the temperature and pressure and then moves to the condenser. The gaseous refrigerant will turn back to liquid form when the heat is lost in the condenser.

The ac system has an air filter which is vulnerable to debris and dust which accumulates thereafter extended use. The ac repair company should be responsible for the maintenance work of the ac system.