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September 10, 2019

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Tips on throwing a Birthday Bash on a Budget

Giving your kid a fun birthday party is an exciting way to bring your family together. You do not have to spend the whole of your hard-earned money in a birthday bash, therefore, it is more sensible to have a budget to work on. There are various ways you can use to plan and throw spectacular birthday bash on a strict budget for your child. Below are a number of tips to following if you don’t want to go broke after gifting your child with a fun-filled birthday party.
The first idea is to work on a simple list of guest for the birthday. Make the party more affordable by working with a small list of guests to the birthday party. You can do this by simply going for a number of your child’s close friends.
Next, ensure that you keep tabs on timing. The time you plan to have the party begin is so crucial as you should consider making it later into the evening. This will allow you evade the burden of having to serve lunch to your guests which can be pretty expensive. Also make sure that the planning of the party is done early enough to avoid the rush that will see you spend heavily. Early planning means that you will be able to make purchases in time and manage to take advantage of lower price offers such as during after-holiday sales.
Next, think about how to make food preparation an enjoyable endeavor. Food definitely forms a bigger portion of all birthday budgets and the more you make its preparation an all-inclusive affair, the more you stand chances of reducing your budget for the party. You can engage the guests in making the food they will eat to help you deal with issues of stressful menu options. Instead of having to order for pizzas and cakes, let the guests make cheaper versions of them in incorporating their ideas to enable you to come up with something cheap but effective.
More importantly, ensure that you consider other cheaper source of entertainment. To successfully have a birthday party on a budget, you will have to cut on expensive entertainment options such as party clowns and bouncy houses when you have an for an outdoor option. You can go for low-cost outdoor fun activities such as limbo and sprinkle water games that engages everyone and you can check out these rentals. Through these activities you will be able to make the party a success by providing fun at everyone at a cost friendly to your pocket and this unique idea.
To end with, consider seeking the help of your family and friends. Ask the help of these friends and family in planning for the food and other aspects of the party.