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September 10, 2019

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The Most Common Car Parts That Need Replacements
About 14 million of the cars that are roadworthy have survived for 25 years now. When the research was done in 2002 they recorded 8 million cars had survived for 25 years. When you use your car for a long time there are parts that will get damaged with time hence if an action isn’t taken your car will not be fit to be on the road. In case you don’t assume the small parts that need to be replaced in your car you can be assured to have your car in good conditions for many decades. Thus it’s imperative to check for any car parts replacement needs of your car now and then. If you love your car then read this article to the end so that you will know which parts that most need to be replaced.

Your car need to have its spark plugs replaced. In case you notice some difficulties starting the car or accelerating you should know it’s time for you to replace the spark plug. The good thing about replacing the spark plug is that you don’t have to hire a mechanic to replace it since you can do it yourself. You should use the owners, manual to locate the plugs. it’s a good practice to ensure you have lubricated the new plug when screwing it.

The second car part that needs to be replaced is the battery. The best time to replace your car battery is every 4 to 5 years and you can consider replacing it on your own or paying for the services from the professionals. In case the car can only be started through jump start then a new battery is needed. You should avoid some poor practices that damage the battery like leaving lights and radio on overnight and ensure you check for any damages time to time.

The next car parts to replace is the brake pads. The things that will dictate the wearing of the brake pads is the brake lining, type of the auto and the type of driving . Vehicles that have their brakes pressed often will need replacement sooner than the one that drives for long with no pressing of the brakes. Its takes 3 to 5 years to replace the brake pads.

Consider the head and tail lights as one of the important parts of your car that need to be replaced. When the lights are used often they will need to be changed after a short duration. The recommended time to replace bulbs is 6 years.

The other parts that need to be replaced include the windshield, tires and the door key remote. Details about the other car parts that need to be replaced is found on our page.