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September 10, 2019


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Federal Laws on Illegally Acquired Money.
There are many cases of people who have become wealthy from money got from crime or other illegal activities. Those with such money ensure to come up with strategies that will make the law think that they got it through right ways such as trading. Criminals create an organization within themselves and give the powerful top positions while less significant criminals are placed the lowest. Those with top positions are to come up with strategies and plans while the ones below them implement the plans personally.

The ones doing the actual crime are ones without money and looking to make ends meet through any means thus are used by the bosses to do the jobs. Since the money is a lot and can lead to authorities suspecting, they use money laundering to give false impressions about the source. Many criminals have used this process to hide the true source of the money from the federal agents and law enforcement. These gangs carry out the act of laundering in a planned process involving several phases with each serving a purpose. When depositing through banks, the real source of the money is disguised to make it appear from genuine business. They then enter the next phase where they layer the money or put it into accounts of known businesses from which it is transferred to other multiple accounts.

When transaction processes are followed it will seem that the transactions are legitimate by assuming they were normal business deals. This stage may involve the criminals buying assets and other things for cover up. After the transactions, the criminals then take the money back into their accounts through the various ways they had devices to make it look clean. Federal laws have stern measures of dealing with criminals found guilty of this crime which may be long jail terms and fines. More alertness is taken by the authorities to apprehend such criminals and coming up with tactics to counter those designed by the criminals. Financial departments such as banks have joined the fight against money laundering and ensure that clients can account for the money they deposit.

The institutions aid the federal agents by reporting to them on suspicious clients who are then observed and questioned for clarity. Some information got at the time of opening accounts is used to give relationships between clients and others that may help mitigate risks. Rules and regulations set by the government concerning transactions are followed to the letter by the banks and other institutions as a way of fighting money laundering. The only way that can help in bringing an end to money laundering and avoid violating federal criminal law is through unity among the stakeholders and vigilance in such activities while doing things as they are set to be done.